Grass Fed Beef


Cut to order

Buy a steer (whole, half, or quarter) and we’ll have it butchered and cut to your specifications.


Whole and half steers still available.  Now selling pasture pork.  Two cases of maple syrup remain.  We’ve added a blog.   (updated September 13, 2013 8:20 PM )

We hard-work farm the old-fashioned way.  Marketing types now call this approach “natural” but it is nothing new.  As folks become more wary of what they eat, advertising terms like “grass-fed,” “free range” are tossed around like political promises.  We really do these things and we’ll be glad to show you. 

We use modern equipment but treat our animals like great-granddaddy did.  We do NOT use hormones or feed lots and our methods take longer and are more costly -- but our cows get to be cows and we feel good about being farmers.

Buy a steer (whole, half, or quarter) --  direct from our farm.  It will be butchered to order, vacuum packed and flash frozen at Blue RidgeMeat Processing .  You may prefer to try one of our USDA $60 packages. 

Prices are packaged weight.  See order page for details.  The most popular items are:

--  USDA $60 package (ground beef, steak and roast)

--  Quarter (100 pounds at $7.00 per pound)

-- Half (200 pounds at $6.80 per pound)